Telemedicine Information

Telemedicine may feel new to many of us. But, telemedicine has actually been around much earlier and longer than many of us think. No, not in the "traditional" sense as to what you think about now - face-to-face video visits on your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. In the 1940s radiology (x-ray) images were transmitted over a telephone line from one doctor to another for review.

Healthcare has been using teleradiology - transmission of radiologic imaging (x-rays, CT images, MRIs, etc...) for a number of years. This service is not new to the healthcare world. This service is essential to hospitals and clinics around the world. For example - someone you care for falls and hurts their ankle in the middle of a field and you take them to your local urgent care or emergency department. Many of these facilities are not equipped to employ a radiologist to analyze and interpret the images taken from an x-ray. These images are transmitted over the internet to a group of radiologists who are waiting at their computer to analyze and interpret the x-ray within a few seconds after the image is taken. This is teleradiology and telemedicine at its finest.

At Health Now, we are currently working with AdvancedMD. AdvancedMD is a well-known and well-respected electronic health record. It is a robust system with numerous safety measures integrated into it. AdvancedMD utilized Zoom Secure for all of the telehealth visits conducted. Your protect health information (PHI) is secured on the AWS cloud-based services provided by Amazon. You are in control of your own password and patient portal.

Health Now also wants to reassure you, its trusted patients and clients, that your payment is secure. All transactions are processed by a third party service called OpenEdge. At this time Health Now is not billing to any type of insurance, but we are in process of credentialing with all major carriers in North Dakota. We are a cash-based service. Prices vary, but are a bargain when compared to in-person visits at a clinic or when going to another, nationally-based telemedicine provider.

Patients are able to submit their visits from Health Now to their insurance on their own time. With the ongoing pandemic and drastic way healthcare is changing most, if not all, insurance companies have been reimbursing for telehealth visits. What this means for you, the patient: you can take a copy of your bill and a copy of the summary of the visit and submit a claim to your insurance company.

Health Now does not guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse any of the claimed amount being submitted.